The PhD students of the University of Liège constitute the ReD. In order to make sure all PhD students feel integrated into the ReD and all are able to make the most of this network through which they can collect and spread information, the ReD needs representatives, or as we like to call them, relays. Below, you can discover the FAQ boxes with the ideas and methods relative to the role of relay.

If you want to share your thoughts, to broaden your horizon, and to work towards solutions for PhD related problems, then join us as a relay for the ReD!

iconeDocument  Here you can find the list of the current ReD relays for each doctoral college. Do not hesitate to contact them!

iconeInfo Additionally, one or more PhD student(s) play(s) the role of “PhD representative” in each college. Find the current list of representatives here (“List of doctoral colleges”). Their mission is slightly different as it consists in bridging the gap between PhD students and their doctoral college, and not the ReD. If you already are a relay, do not hesitate to volunteer for more clarity but the two positions are not necessarily linked.  


What does being a relay entail?  

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Comment contacter les doctorant·es ?  

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welcome drink

Comment organiser le drink de rentrée pour mon collège ?  

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Comment bien accueillir les nouveaux et nouvelles doctorant·es ?  

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Que faire si un·e doctorant·e me demande de l’aide ?  

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Comment favoriser les échanges entre doctorant·es de mon collège ?  

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