The PhD Network (ReD)

The PhD Network (ReD) of the University of Liege is a free gathering of doctoral students that represents and gathers since 2007 the doctoral students of the University of Liege without geographical, faculty or scientific barriers. The Network is supported by the University and works in close collaboration with the Administration à la Recherche et au Développement (ARD). However, in its decisions and initiatives, the eDN remains independent of the University's bodies.

The objectives, missions and organization of the network must remain flexible. The ReD is renewed every year: its members may therefore be more or less numerous and driven by different motivations and objectives. The general objective, missions and structure presented here correspond to the current reality of the network as conceived by its members.

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On October 26, the ULiège PhD Network will lead a workshop entitled :

Discovering the Doctoral Partnership Guide  - (Fr/En)

Is it up to the supervisor to ask their PhD student to submit regular drafts of chapters of their thesis or is it up to the PhD student to go to their supervisor and ask for feedback on their work? Who should take the initiative to arrange a meeting? If you and your supervisor each answered these kinds of questions, would you be on the same page right away? The ReD has recently developed a tool to facilitate transparent communication with your supervisor about your mutual needs and expectations. This workshop will introduce you to this tool that will allow you to live your thesis in the most harmonious climate possible.

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