We needed someone that will unite and gallantly represent us, and who better than ourselves. Back in 2007, a handful of PhD Candidates at the University of Liège got together and after a round of beers they came up with this brilliant idea.

As PhD candidates, we understand how truly busy you are. Here you’ll find a concise, clear and user-friendly presentation of what the ReD is about and how you could join us in case you feeling like it. Important remark, having a huge diversity of backgrounds and expertise, we came up with the up-to-date structure, but since nothing is carved in stone, and following the dynamic spirit of the promoters of this project, new ideas are always welcome.

Wanna learn from our counterparts? Here are some examples of other teams that particularly inspire us: Liebniz PhD network (Germany), Max Planck PhD network (Germany), Representing the interests of PhD researches in the Nederlands (Nederlands), PhD community in Ghent University (Belgium), PhD society from KU Leuven  (Belgium).

Internal function  

Discover how the ReD works and is organized to set up events, conferences, interact with relays, PhD candidates and their faculty.

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ReD within Liège  

Hard to to locate the different University bodies at your disposal? Wanna learn where the ReD fits in all of this ... (Re) Discover their roles here!

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